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Hi, my name is Taliesin.

I am an artist interested in networks and the global flow of information, culture and ideas. As a producer and strategist, I seek out partners with powerful visions that demand meticulous execution. Above all else, I live to work with teams solving complex problems in challenging circumstances. I don’t believe in impossible.

As a DJ I’ve played in 18 countries, as a visual artist I’ve worked in the streets of most of those places as well. Recently I’ve started working in video, focusing on documentary shorts, and multi-channel installations that disrupt traditional documentary narratives (you can see some recent videos from Jamaica here). Sometimes, I write about music, digital culture and technology for folks like MTV, Motherboard and Complex.

If you’re interested in sharing your own work, talking about mine, or working on future projects, please get in touch. If it’s urgent, feel free to call. 




Hello Bad Mind was founded in 2010 to actualize visions for future worlds through collaboration and self-fulfillment.

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