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Beyond Digital: Morocco


Beyond Digital was an artist project staged in Morocco in the summer of 2011, focusing on how creative adaptations of global digital technologies — such as the use of robotic vocal effect Auto-Tune in Berber folk music — are helping to transform youth culture and suggesting powerful alternatives to Western concepts of digital literacy. I was responsible for the concept, pre-production, staging and project management. Beyond Digital brought eight American and Spanish artists to Casablanca for a month-long intensive period of research, production, and collaboration with Moroccan artists. The open-ended and interdisciplinary nature of the project took the crew from the busy streets of Casablanca to remote caves in the southern Anti-Atlas mountains.

The Beyond Digital project results include video documentation, photography, experimental audio software based on non-Western ideas of music, photojournalism pieces, a toolbox of Moroccan percussion loops and more.

In collaboration with Jace Clayton, Maga Bo, and John Francis Peters.

Behind the Scenes from Beyond Digital on Vimeo.

Taldrar n Louliya: Hassan Wargui and Imanaren from Beyond Digital on Vimeo.


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