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Duppy Gun

In 2015 I traveled to Kingston, Jamaica to produce the documentary film Negus and shoot stills for the Italian conceptual art duo Invernomuto. I was blessed that Duppy Gun was along for the ride. Duppy Gun is a label and production duo of Los Angeles musicians Sun Araw and M. Geddes Gengras.

Outer orbit dancehall selections produced in the truest DIY fashion with total focus on the music and culture. #MORELIFEFOREVER

Duppy Picks Ja-2





Duppy Picks Ja-14

Duppy Picks Ja-13

Duppy Picks Ja-12


Duppy Picks Ja-10

Duppy Picks Ja-9


Duppy Picks Ja-3

Duppy Picks Ja-6

Duppy Picks Ja-5

Duppy Picks Ja-4

Duppy Picks Ja-17



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